SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas – for a clean environment

On the one hand, the protection of natural resources requires in-depth knowledge of ecological and technological processes to be target-oriented and effective – on the other hand, it calls for economic investments now for a clean future.

Due to numerous problematic substances, sewage sludge presents a great challenge to the environment that municipalities have to face.

KOPF SynGas – a joint venture between the two mid-size corporate groups SÜLZLE and AVAT Automation – offers the most economic, environmentally friendly solution for sewage sludge utilization.

The KOPF SynGas Process: Gasification utilizing the gas in a combined heat and power plant. The carbon present in the sewage sludge is completely converted into energy. All organic toxins are destroyed. Gasifier ash, a fraction of the dewatered
sewage sludge, can be utilized directly for fertilization or processed further to extract phosphorous.

Intelligent and forward-looking

SynGas extracts energy and heat from dried sewage sludge directly on site. This reduces not only the characteristic pollutant levels, but also CO2 emissions. And, as a result, you not only contribute to climate protection, but also reinforce regional value creation.

Stronger together

We accompany you along the way and assume complete realisation of the project: from tailored planning, to design and project execution, through to commissioning, we apply our know-how and experience to ensure smooth procedures. And afterward, we are available for maintenance, ensuring optimal plant operation.
Everything from a single source. Everything for you.