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Fuel cell technology

SÜLZLE KOPF installs mini power plant and ensures independence


Since July 2022, the boiler room of Dr. Brillinger’s practice in Sulz am Neckar has become not only an energy centre, but also a climate protection centre, thanks to fuel cell technology.
SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik installed an innovative fuel cell system for this purpose. The BlueGEN BG-15 from Buderus is a highly efficient CHP unit for supplying energy. Unlike other energy conversion systems, no fuel is burned, but the energy source natural gas is converted into electricity by means of an electrochemical reaction inside the fuel cell. The fuel cell system operates quietly and without vibration, making it the ideal base load supply for commercial or residential buildings. This sustainable technology is an interesting option especially for small businesses or medical practices with constantly higher electricity consumption, for example due to IT, cooling, ventilation, heating, household appliances or lighting.

The GP practice Dr. Brillinger, which also functions as a modern company medical centre, has been permanently developed since its foundation in 1980. The practice building has now become a bit more energy self-sufficient with the innovative heating technology. Among other things, the competent team looks after companies nationwide in all areas of occupational medicine and occupational safety. This also includes the SÜLZLE Group with its locations throughout Germany.