4th treatment stage in Greven

4th treatment stage in Greven

New PAK system filters micropollutants

The Greven wastewater treatment plant in North Rhine-Westphalia (capacity designed for 90,000 population equivalents) is being expanded by a fourth treatment stage. SÜLZLE KOPF supplies the dosing system for powdered activated carbon AK-DOS®. However, before the water arrives at the fourth purification stage, it is treated by three other stages (mechanical, biological, chemical). At first, coarse impurities and sand are screened out in the sewage treatment plant. The suspended solids that settle in the clarifier can thus be removed. The fourth stage will be used to filter out micropollutants in the future.
SÜLZLE KOPF supplied, installed and commissioned the dosing system for powdered activated carbon (AK-DOS®) at the Greven sewage treatment plant, consisting of silo, discharge and conveying system, dosing equipment, dosing lines and the associated switchgear and control system.

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Städtische Kläranlage
Zur Kiebitzheide 1
48268 Greven

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