In each step of a project, we verifiably comply with legal regulations and machinery directives. In addition, risk analyses and explosion protection are integral components of the solutions we develop, while the detailed documentation renders the welding fabrication process transparent and reliable. In conclusion: As a plant technology company, we assume the responsibility for engineering in corrosive environments – be it through our component replacement service or the suitable selection of materials.


Upon receiving an order, we check the engineering costs and pay close attention to the financial viability of the systems in the planning process. Thanks to constructive implementation via in-house production processes with detailed documentation and expert fitting, our technology merges seamlessly with your processes. We improve your CO2 savings through targeted emissions control, which enables the highest level of cost-effectiveness even after the initial start-up.


SÜLZLE KOPF Plant Technology is part of the global SÜLZLE Group and is also a specialised co-operation partner for production in the areas of waste gas treatment, waste water treatment, halogenated hydrocarbon and activated carbon – we are a system partner and OEM supplier.
At the same time, we are in constant contact with scientific and research institutions as well as universities and we also co-operate closely with engineering companies and municipalities. As a member of DWA, DVS, WVIB and Umweltplattform Baden-Württemberg, we promote internationalisation and the transfer of knowledge, with a primary focus on the professional development of our employees and distribution partners.