Project: setting up a 4th purification stage

“At the sewage plant of Böblingen-Sindelfingen, an activated carbon absorption stage for the removal of micro pollutants was put into operation in October 2011. In addition to the required reaction tanks and sedimentation basins with a total volume of 9,000 m³, a storage vessel and metering system for powdered activated carbon was required. We deliberately chose a storage vessel and metering system that was separate from the other premises of the sewage treatment plant and that had enough storage capacity to accommodate up to two road tankers with 18t of powdered activated carbon each. The precise metering of the specified activated carbon amounts, as well as the secure and error-free operation of the system with the lowest possible maintenance requirements, was very important to us. Even after an operating period of more than 2 years, the gravimetric metering system provided by KOPF optimally fulfilled these requirements.”

Gert Schwentner | Head of urban drainage, city of Sindelfingen




Project: installing the drainage system at the Stetten salt mine and laying the fire water line.

“Within the scope of our project, 1700 m of PE-pipelines SDR 11, DA 125 and approx. 960 m covered steel pipes in DN 50 were installed. In addition, the provided pumps were assembled and the complete associated pump piping was carried out. It was crucial not to impede the progress of the tunnel builders, therefore all work could only be carried out at night. In close co-operation with us, SÜLZLE KOPF Plant Technology carried this work out in a very competent and reliable manner, proving their great professional expertise.

Alfred Höllerbauer | Mine manager of the Stetten salt mine, Wacker Chemie AG



Project: supply and installation of the dry fire water line in the Bibra tunnel

“The fire water supply line in the Bibra tunnel was implemented via a PE-HD main pipe with a nominal diameter of d 140. I want to particularly point out that the transitions to the subsequent stainless steel piping were specially designed by SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau in such a way that no detachable connections occurred in the PE-HD pipes that were installed in concrete. Despite the tight schedule, SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau reliably provided high-quality components on time. The stainless steel piping and the stainless steel fire water tanks were professionally produced in compliance with all applicable standards and technological regulations, as was the fitting under occasionally adverse conditions.”

Steffen Gräbitz | Project manager, Marti Tunnelbau AG