Sewage sludge utilisation plants in Balingen and Mannheim

In 2002, the pilot plant was built in Balingen, its capacity being nearly doubled in 2010.

On 18 October 2002, the Secretary of State for the Environment of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and the city of Balingen’s mayor Dr. Edmund Merkel inaugurated the world’s first sewage sludge utilisation plant.

In their greetings, the speakers emphasised that they do not consider the process developed by SÜLZLE KOPF to simply be a supplement to existing disposal practices. On the contrary, the process funded by the state of Baden-Württemberg and developed to the market launch stage by SÜLZLE KOPF with its top expertise and a high capital expenditure in fact sets new standards in handling sewage sludge.

A further system with a capacity of 5000t p.a. dried sludge has been in operation in Mannheim since 2011.