Construction work at the Markgröningen-Talhausen group sewage treatment plant


SÜLZLE KOPF implements combined heat and power plant (BHKW) with gas treatment

The special-purpose association GKW Talhausen in Markgröningen is renewing the BHKW modules at the Talhausen wastewater treatment plant. The heat is coupled out via heat exchangers into the engine cooling water circuit and the exhaust gas line.

The BHKW unit is designed for fully automatic operation with sewage gas depending on the gas tank level. The electrical output of the two cogeneration units is approx. 80 kW each and the thermal output approx. 105 kW. The sewage gas is dehumidified in an upstream gas treatment unit. Subsequently, harmful siloxanes and hydrogen sulfide are separated in the activated carbon filters for the BHKW. The purification performance is monitored via an online gas analysis.

SÜLZLE KOPF is carrying out the process engineering in cooperation with the plant engineering and building services departments.

The contract includes the BHKW plant, sewage gas purification, sewage gas treatment, digester equipment, piping, ventilation, plumbing, and other subsections.

The difficulty here is that the conversion and expansion measures have to be carried out while the sewage treatment plant is in operation and operation must not be restricted. Some of the work has to be carried out in explosion protection zone 2.

The first BHKW unit and the sewage gas treatment plant were commissioned in September 2021, while the second identical BHKW unit will be commissioned with a time lag of twelve months.

Facts and figures about the project: