Four new tanks

Deicing agent warehouse at Stuttgart Airport modernized


The existing deicing agent storage at Stuttgart Airport will be renewed and optimized. Four new tanks, each with a capacity of 100 cubic meters, will be built to hold the liquid surface deicing agent, resulting in two tank units. The tank unit will be equipped with a redundant pipe and pump system, which will enable regular and automatic circulation of the de-icing agent. From these tanks the spraying vehicles of Stuttgart Airport are filled. The necessary pipes and tubes for the de-icing agent and for the control and measuring technology are partly led over a new pipe bridge to be built. SÜLZLE KOPF’s range of services for the construction project includes steel construction, process engineering and electrical engineering. In the area of steel construction, this includes the steel construction for the container tank farm, for the pipe bridge and the lightning protection devices. The process and electrical engineering includes the tank dismantling of the old plant, the tank delivery and assembly, the delivery and assembly of pipes and aggregates as well as an electrical and pump container. The four cylindrical storage tanks made of stainless steel, material 1.4571 with a capacity of 100 cubic meters each, a diameter of three meters and a total length of 15.5 meters were produced at the plant in Sulz am Neckar including the 3D planning. Each tank was transported to the airport by a forwarding agent and assembled into units. The photos show the deicing agent storage tanks in the workshop, before transport and at their destination.