Erstellen Sie Ihr eigenes Angebot für eine neue Heizung für Ihr Zuhause

Heating calculator: create your own offer for a new heating system in 5 minutes

Heating costs are a considerable topic in every household. Especially with older heating systems, it often makes sense to switch to a more modern and efficient system. This way you not only save money but also relieve the burden on the environment.

With the heating calculator from SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik you can create your own offer for a new heating system for your home. By specifying the fuel, details of your house and the existing insulation as well as your current heating system, you can obtain a detailed overview of which type of heating is worthwhile for you in the future and how much you can save compared to your current heating system.

Try our heating calculator now without obligation – it’s simple and quick: