Langenau Waterworks: New Rapid Softening System


Better drinking water quality

In 2017, the new rapid decarbonisation plant (SEC) for the production of high-purity calcium carbonate pellets – another innovative process for the treatment of drinking water – was put into operation in Langenau on a scale that is unique to date. For the state water supply this is a further step to guarantee a high supply security and best drinking water quality.

SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau has set standards in this two-year construction project with its large vertical range of manufacture. In addition to the construction of the tanks and the pipelines, smaller steel substructures and the complete assembly were also built from a single source. The six large reactors were transported from the Sulz-Bergfelden site to the pickling plant in Heidenheim and then to the Langenau waterworks under high logistical planning.

The next challenge awaited them there: through a roof hatch, the 8 ton heavy reactors with a diameter of 4.5 m and a height of 11 m had to be lifted into the waterworks building by a 140 ton crane. The transport of the reactors to the actual site was also only possible with a special vehicle due to the low room height of 12 m. This meant that the assembly areas could not be assembled with a crane. So that the assembly areas were not impaired and no storage areas had to be created, the entire stainless steel piping (nominal diameter DN 50 – 1,200 mm) was manufactured in Sulz-Bergfelden and then delivered to the Langenau waterworks on schedule after assembly had progressed. This procedure enabled an optimal assembly flow.