4th treatment stage for Swiss sewage treatment plant


Two silos with 139 m³ capacity each


One suspension distributor for distribution to five dosing points

4th treatment stage for Swiss sewage treatment plant: New PAC-plant for ARA Schönau and Cham:

The water protection association of the region Zugersee-Küssnachtersee-Ägerisee (GVRZ) operates the wastewater treatment plant (WWT) Schönau, which purifies the wastewater of approx. 180,000 population equivalents. For future compliance with the legal requirements, the WWT had to be expanded with a treatment stage for the elimination of micropollutants (EMP). For this purpose, the process combination with the dosing of powdered activated carbon (PAC) to the filtration stage with the possibility of direct dosing into the biological stage was selected as the most suitable process variant.

SÜLZLE KOPF supplied, assembled and commissioned the complete mechanical equipment for the process evaluated for the elimination of micropollutants in the form of the AK-DOS®. The designation AK-DOS® stands for activated carbon dosing system. The AK-DOS® is used for storage, dosing and generation of a pumpable suspension (powder activated carbon and water), which is then distributed to several dosing points with the patented suspension distributor. The plant has been in operation since January 2019. By mid-2018, SÜLZLE STAHL Ehrenfriedersdorf had already manufactured and delivered two silos, a stair construction and two maintenance platforms. In cooperation with SÜLZLE KOPF, the connecting walkway was then mounted on the silos.

Facts and figures about the project:

Waste water of approx. 180,000

population equivalents


Capacity per silo

120 kg/h

Dosing capacity of the four scales

Location of the reference project:

GVRZ / Kläranlage Schönau
Lorzenstrasse 3
6330 Cham

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