Compact gas cooling system for Lechler

Container design for shortened assembly and commissioning times

System with valve position and water tank in container design

Lechler GmbH is a family-owned company based in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. The company develops and produces atomizing nozzles made of different materials for various applications and is one of the leading companies on the world market. Lechler offers perfectly matched gas cooling systems. SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau, as a specialist for customer-specific systems in container construction, manufactured a container with valve level and water tank for Lechler GmbH. This container is used for water injection and associated exhaust gas conditioning in a steel mill. SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau was responsible for the production of the complete pipework of the valve level with steel construction as well as the connection of the valve level with the water tank. The valve stands regulate the water and atomizer air volume flows and are individual solutions. In addition, the individual components such as fittings, pumps and piping were placed in the container and installed. The compact container design leads to shorter assembly and commissioning times. In addition, the in-house engineering resources of SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau and the extraordinary depth of design and manufacture minimise the number of interfaces and ensure speedy project handling for the customer.

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Lechler GmbH

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