Exhaust air system for food industry

Modular design


Soundproofing package for minimizing noise emission

World market leader commissioned with new exhaust air purification system

Based in Vernier, Givaudan is the world’s largest producer of flavours and fragrances. The company supplies flavours and fragrances to cosmetics and food manufacturers such as Nestle, Danone and Yves Saint Laurent.
The world market leader has commissioned SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau to replace an existing biofilter system for the removal of odours and solvents. This will be replaced by an adsorption wheel (ADR) with a downstream activated carbon filter (AKF) and installed in autumn 2016. Activated carbon has an excellent efficiency to eliminate odours from the exhaust air. Adsorption wheels are an established technology for reducing VOC (volatile organic compound) emissions and can make a significant contribution to eliminating odours. The combination of the two processes therefore gives the best results. SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau’s exhaust air purification system meets these requirements perfectly and is therefore Givaudan’s competent partner.

Plant description:

The exhaust air purification plant is modularly built on the steel structure. The exhaust air to be cleaned is conveyed through the main air fan in the direction of the adsorption wheel and the following activated carbon filters. An upstream pocket filter secures the dust content of the raw gas at less than 1 mg/m³. By flowing through the adsorption wheel, the majority of volatile organic compounds are removed from the exhaust air with an adsorption efficiency of over 90 %. The remaining odorous substances and solvents are removed from the exhaust air on the activated carbon. An air distributor in the chambers ensures an even inflow and throughflow of the activated carbon bed before the clean gas is led to the on-site chimney. In addition, the plant has a sound insulation package to minimise noise emissions.

Facts and figures about the project:

less than 1 mg / m³

Dust content of the raw gas through upstream pocket filter

over 90 %

Adsorption efficiency

Location of the reference project:

Givaudan SA
Chemin de la Parfumerie 5
1214 Vernier


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