Fast decarbonisation for Egauwasserwerk Dischingen

“Fast decarbonisation” in smaller size: Split delivery Egauwasserwerk Dischingen

Parallel to the order in the Langenau waterworks, a similar rapid decarbonisation plant was set up for the state water supply in the neighbouring Waterworks Dischingen, which covers about half of the volume. The plant was also commissioned without any problems in Dischingen in December 2017. SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau supplied three large reactors to Egauwasserwerk Dischingen. The exciting task here was to deliver the reactors in split design and to weld them on site in the waterworks. This procedure prevented the cost-intensive effort to create larger openings on site. The designers of SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau, in close cooperation with the customer and the Eppler planning office, had planned this more cost-effective variant.

Location of the reference project:

Zweckverband Zweckverband
Baumgartenstraße 7
89561 Dischingen

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