Oil tank and steam boiler plant

Oil tank with 480,000 liters capacity

OIL tank and state-of-the-art steam boiler plant for OEST Mineralölwerk in Freudenstadt, Germany

State-of-the-art steam boiler plant
Instead of just replacing the aging steam boiler, the Oest Group rebuilt the entire boiler house to take advantage of technical innovations and benefit from a high level of automation. SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik installed a state-of-the-art boiler system with an integrated exhaust gas heat exchanger with a capacity of 5,000 kg/h, including a feedwater tank with a capacity of 5,000 liters and all the necessary fittings and piping. The new burner technology not only enables the optional use of fuel oil or natural gas, but also improves the economic and ecological efficiency of the plant thanks to its optimized efficiency.

Oil tank with a capacity of 480,000 liters
SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau prevailed over the other bidders on the basis of a detailed installation principle to save costs and time and was awarded the contract for the manufacture and delivery of six new storage tanks with a total volume of 480,000 liters. The tanks (each 13 meters high, diameter 3 meters, weight 10 tons) were manufactured at the Sulz-Bergfelden plant and three of them were additionally insulated. The other three tanks were painted in Schömberg, with one tank being given an elaborate special paint finish to match the customer’s logo as an “oil drum”.

The sophisticated design (standing frame for later dowelling) and the logistics concept (coordination of six heavy-duty transports and four articulated trucks with accessories, boiler and chimney) ensured for the customer that the delivery as well as the erection and installation of the catwalks, the chimney and the boilers could be completed in one day. Since the new tank farm is located next to the Freudenstadt-Karlsruhe railroad line on the one hand and on a main thoroughfare in Freudenstadt on the other, a 280-ton and a 100-ton mobile crane had to be positioned for the installation operation in such a way as to ensure sufficient distance from the overhead lines and that the thoroughfare only had to be closed on one side.

The oil tank and steam boiler plant was a joint project for SÜLZLE KOPF Anlagenbau and SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik.

Facts and figures about the project:

480.000 liter

Oil Tank

13 m

Tank Height

10 tonns


Location of the reference project:

Mineralölwerk Freudenstadt
Georg-Oest-Straße 4
72250 Freudenstadt

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