ABWATAR®: Transforming waste water into heat and cold

The best way to conserve resources is to utilise them efficiently. Systems that use waste water as a source for heat or cold are an important, first step – but selecting the right technology is crucial.

With ABWATAR®, we offer a heat exchanger concept that, compared with other systems, functions perfectly where heat transfer conditions prevail: in the centre of flow. Maximum flow speeds nearly completely prevent the formation of biofilms. At the same time, water flows through the entire heat exchanger body. This prevents a gap between the heat exchanger and duct wall that causes (biogenic) corrosion.

Thanks to its pendular suspension and flexible positioning, ABWATAR® diverts larger objects to the side. This, and the fin that is shaped in a way to stabilise flow and also ensures additional stabilisation under increasing waste water levels simplify maintenance as well as inspection.

ABWATAR® can be implemented in all channels, as long as the cross-section is a sufficient size. This also allows the heat exchanger to be removed and installed at a different location.

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