Air filters

Air filters for fitting in ventilation lines for drinking water reservoirs, in easy-to-disassemble versions, with the required condensate drains and pipe couplings for connection to the air line. Filter cartridges made of PP, BIA utilisation category C, approved for eliminating hazardous dusts; continuous contamination monitoring with digital display in both flow directions, with potential-free outgoing circuits for remote monitoring.

Housing material: stainless steel
Fitting length: horizontal/vertical
Nominal connection width: DN 150 or DN 200
Filter size: according to table
Manufacturer: SÜLZLE KOPF

Pure air for clean water
Functional description

When ventilating water chambers, contamination enters the drinking water through air exchange. For this reason, the line must be fitted with a suitable filter. The air is either filtered through polypropylene or a combination of polypropylene and activated carbon. The activated carbon layer even helps to absorb odorants.

Safety with a pre-set differential pressure

Operating the system results in underpressure or overpressure in the reservoir chamber due to filter contamination. Considerable forces act on the reservoir doors due to the fluctuations in pressure caused by contaminated filters. These forces pose a high safety risk to those entering the reservoir chamber. If a pre-set differential pressure is exceeded, a signal is output via potential-free contacts. The online differential pressure display makes this risk a thing of the past.

Technical data

Filter performance: up to 1000 m³ of air per hour
Connections: DN 150 or DN 200
Differential pressure unit: DC 24V or AC 230V
Temperature: up to 80°C
Filter material: polypropylene or activated carbon
Housing: stainless steel
BIA category: C (max. permissible transmittance 0.1%)

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