Condensate reservoir with fill level control

Condensate reservoir for fitting into gas lines, gas-tight version with gas-resistant seal. Made entirely of stainless steel with dry run protection and fill level display with automatic drain.
Also with electronically monitored liquid seal. Version with control cabinet.

Why condensate reservoirs?

In gas lines water forms when the temperature drops below the dew point. This condensate must be discharged continuously to protect the lines from corrosion. Furthermore, no gas may reach the installation room.
The condensate reservoir meets both of these requirements.

Immersing the condensate outlet prevents gas from escaping

The accumulating sewage gas condensate runs into the reservoir. As soon as the fill level reaches the top level control on the filling level control, the outlet valve opens. The condensate is pressed out of the reservoir with the gas pressure in the reservoir. After the lower level limit has been exceeded, the valve automatically closes.
Since the condensate drain is located in the sump, no gas can escape. If the outlet valve does not open or close, an alarm is emitted via potential-free contacts.

Technical data

Reservoir material: stainless steel 1.4571
Nominal connection width: DN 25
System size: dependent on the operating pressure
Operating pressure gas network: 15 to 150 mbar
Level control unit: solenoid-operated immersion probe
Actuation level control: electrical or pneumatic

Ex area version possible.
TÜV type approval

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