Elimination of micro pollutants: Efficient elimination of micro pollutants

This solution is a turnkey powdered activated carbon treatment system that meters the optimal quantity of powdered activated carbon into waste water based on water quantities and/or analysis data. This makes it an innovative technique in eliminating micro pollutants, but above all a cost-efficient, ecologically sustainable solution.

The system is handed over by our competent staff ready for operation and approval, including a PLC controller, and is available in three standard sizes. The integrated, gravimetric AK-DOS® weighing and metering system enables metering with gram level accuracy. It ensures demonstrably improved purity and – due to its compact design and low operating costs – maximum cost efficiency. This way, AK-DOS® offers technologies today in an area where the EU Directive 2013/39/EU will establish high standards regarding priority substances in the area of water policies in the future.

Additional system features that make AK-DOS® a convincing solution across the board:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Low-maintenance
  • Simple handling
  • Minimal personnel expenses
  • Operational safety tested in practice
  • Explosion-proof and CE-conformant
  • Constant monitoring by approved inspection agencies

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