Storage tank for Grünäcker heating power plant

More flexibility in BHKW-operation


Stadtwerke Sindelfingen is converting the Grünäcker combined heat and power plant to renewable energies and investing in additional plant technology. At the combined heat and power plant, most of the heat is supplied in an environmentally friendly manner: By means of three combined heat and power units, which generate electricity and heat simultaneously in a particularly efficient manner. The total output of the BHKW plants is around 2,700 kW of electrical and 3,300 kW of thermal power. Two additional heat storage tanks enable more flexible operation of the BHKW engines. As a result, a total of approx. 150 m³ storage volume will be available in the future.

The object of the contract for Sülzle Kopf GmbH in this case was the delivery and installation of two insulated heat storage tanks, diameter 2,500 mm, each with a capacity of 52 m³, including piping and other accessories. The delivery was made during the night as a heavy transport.

Millimetre work was required for the installation. In order to bring the 12-metre-high heat storage tanks to their intended location, there was only a few centimetres of clearance to the building on both sides.

With the conversion of the BHKW module to biogas and the expansion of the heat storage tanks, Stadtwerke Sindelfingen impressively meets the current and future requirements for an environmentally friendly heat supply.