Training video celebrates premiere

Authentic insight into seven different occupational fields


It is often difficult for applicants to see at first glance what a company looks like from the inside, what kind of people work there, what makes them tick and what drives them. This is exactly what the new training video from SÜLZLE KOPF provides. Authenticity was the be-all and end-all for the video shoot. That’s why the trainees not only wrote the script, but also stood in front of the camera. The result is impressive: Viewers notice from the first second that the young trainees are burning for their apprenticeship in the technical, industrial or commercial field and that “the feeling of creating great things with your own hands” is not just said. A total of seven different occupational fields are presented, with additional clips offering an even closer look behind the scenes of the respective training:

Ausbildung Industriekaufmann (m/w/d)

Ausbildung Anlagenmechaniker SHK (m/w/d)

Ausbildung Anlagenmechaniker Anlagenbau (m/w/d)

Ausbildung zum Apparate- und Behälterbauer (m/w/d)

Ausbildung zum Metallbauer (m/w/d)

The SÜLZLE KOPF team is proud of these films and would like to thank all involved.