SÜLZLE KOPF Plant Technology: We create efficient solutions

Relying on the latest welding technologies and our many years of practical experience, we specialise in all material combinations of steel and stainless steel. Our special expertise lies in the production of stainless steel products in all alloys, building components made of high-strength materials and the construction of apparatus for all types of technical requirements. Beyond that, we co-operate with selected partners to offer you surface refinement options such as zinc plating, pickling, coating or rubber coating, along with plastic construction – we supply complete solutions in drinking, service and waste water technology that meet the highest quality standards. And this can be measured above all based on a single goal: uncompromising emission control.

Our solutions

Let SÜLZLE KOPF Plant Technology introduce you to safe and efficient solutions for waste water/drinking water treatments, geothermal energy, hydrodynamic power, industrial exhaust air and waste water purification, as well as medical technology and solutions for the pharmaceutical, chemical and beverage industries:
– Pipe fittings according to AD 2000 or TRD made of steel, stainless steel and duplex steels
– Manufacturing and pre-fitting of complete modules at our own factory
– Pressure containers, non-pressurised containers, as well as filter vessels made of all weldable steels, W1 to W11 in compliance with DIN CEN ISO/TR 15608 in all combinations and including all required documentation and tests

On request: High-pressure tests, test inspectorate (TÜV) approval or X-ray inspections, CAD design drawings, strength calculations, statics or test inspectorate (TÜV) approval, corrosion protection based on customer specifications
– Special steel and stainless steel constructions
– Apparatus, silo and tank construction: pumping stations incl. piping and steel frames, high-pressure pipes up to 750 bar, mechanical conveying management systems, rinse tank systems and completely pre-assembled container systems

Our promise

We work exclusively applying completely documented processes with state-of-the-art technology and certified specialists. For you, this means quality from a single source, but above all, innovations designed for your everyday operations.