Welding fabrication process: apparatus, container and plant technology

Tailored quality: welding technology from SÜLZLE KOPF

Our aim is to offer you modern, efficient, safe and cost-efficient solutions with our systems and designs. Because we believe this is the only way to equip you for tomorrow’s environment. This is why we use our own in-house welding fabrication: this is the only way we can offer you top quality in line with the latest standards and certification – and at a reasonable price.  We not only process steel, stainless steel and all weldable materials – we are also experts when it comes to welding, specialising in all modern welding technologies and material combinations. Our special expertise lies in the production of stainless steel products in all alloys, building components made of high-strength materials and the construction of apparatus for all types of technical requirements. Beyond that, we co-operate with selected partners to offer you surface refinement options such as zinc plating, pickling, coating or rubber coating, along with plastic construction.

Customer-specific manufacturing

Your challenges are our standard: We offer custom solutions tailored perfectly to your needs. Even in the most difficult of tasks, such as corrosive environments – we implement precisely tailored solutions in the highest quality possible. The excellent reputation of our construction mechanics and engineers allows us to offer a range of welding services that extends far beyond the implementation of our own process plants – we are also your reliable partner in planning, consulting and manufacturing of apparatuses, pressure vessels, tanks and pipework systems. On request, we can build customised systems around your core operation, for example – whether they are dispersion, weighing or thermal systems. In addition, we operate as dependable network partners with other companies in the OEM business, and thus in every area where quality and security are key issues.

Our products