SÜLZLE Kopf Plant Technology: The Emissions Control Company

SÜLZLE KOPF Plant Technology offers a complete package of engineering and production services. Our range of products and services includes the areas of drinking water- and waste water treatment, geothermal energy, plant technology for the food and beverage industries, chemical industries, as well as medical technology, with the aim of reducing emissions without compromise. Whether for municipalities, administration unions, or industrial customers, we offer complete project management and ensure smooth project implementation, from design engineering, planning, and welding fabrication process to assembly, maintenance and service. SÜLZLE KOPF stands for clean solutions in line with the highest safety and quality standards. Our customers appreciate the secure continuous operation, low maintenance requirements and high cost efficiency of our products.

When realising projects, we transform our engineering skills and innovation into customer-specific solutions. And our specialists, including plant mechanics, welders and installers, ensure top quality in accordance with all required tests and approvals.

Customer satisfaction and efficiency are our priority. This is why a competent project manager accompanies every order, who assumes overall coordination, streamlines work processes and is supported by a well-trained, committed team. This begins with the detailed planning, including with regard to financial viability, and extends to the documented high material quality thanks to our in-house welding fabrication through to certified safety in every process step. This allows us to ensure that the plant is installed reliably, on time and with utmost care on site with optimal assembly planning and preparation and prefabricated plant components.

SÜLZLE KOPF Plant Technology is a part of SÜLZLE KOPF, which has specialised in the challenge of modern environment and process engineering for over 80 years. Today, our company staffs over 100 employees who develop and realise efficient concepts that combine environmental protection and efficiency in a unique way. The synergies resulting from the corporate divisions make our technologies practical universal solutions when it comes to environmental and energy issues, above all in the area of emission control.