Powdered activated carbon storage and dosing system for sewage treatment plant


The Emschergenossenschaft is currently building a 4th treatment stage at the Dortmund Deusen wastewater treatment plant to remove trace substances such as residues of medicines, pesticides and plant protection products, corrosion protection agents and synthetic fragrances in personal care products, etc..

With 705,000 p.e., one of the largest 4th purification stages in Europe is being built. On behalf of ELIQUO KGN, Sülzle Kopf is supplying a powdered activated carbon storage and dosing system consisting of two storage silos, each with a usable volume of 200 m³, four precision dosing scales and a facility for PAH suspension generation and distribution, including turnkey plant automation.

Up to 4.5 m³/s of wastewater is treated in the full-flow process; at peak flow rates, up to 508 kg/h of powdered activated carbon is added to the wastewater, which is filtered out again together with the trace substances via downstream cloth filters.

Since the wastewater treatment plant effluent amounts to up to 90 percent of the total water volume of the Emscher during dry periods, the 4th treatment stage with the PAH dosing units from Sülzle Kopf makes a major contribution to environmental protection.

The dosing units were completely pre-assembled at the Sülzle Kopf plant in Sulz a.N.. In July, the steel silos were erected. The assembly work is expected to be completed in August. Commissioning is scheduled for the beginning of next year.