Ausflug unserer Azubis

Interesting guided tour and great Black Forest fun


Last Friday our trainees experienced a completely successful excursion in the Black Forest. In the early morning the group started with the trainees from all locations in Rosenfeld by bus in the direction of Schiltach. The first item on the agenda was a guided tour of the Hansgrohe GmbH plant with exciting insights into the production of bathroom fittings and the laboratory. Strengthened by a joint lunch, we then went on to team training for “Black Forest fun” at the Haberjockelshof. The trainees competed against each other in a total of four teams in various disciplines such as rodeo riding, hammer throwing, tobogganing or biathlon. The mixed groups gave the trainees time to get to know each other better. Until late in the afternoon the competitions provided a lot of fun and relaxed the atmosphere. The different games, as well as the Segway ride brought variety and a lot of fun. The trainees could spend a great time together in the best weather and started their journey home in a good mood.

Special thanks go to Hansgrohe GmbH from Schiltach and the Haberjockelshof, who made the trainee excursion an unforgettable day.