Own construction at the new Rottweil site


In buildings in which people live or work, used indoor air must be permanently replaced by fresh outdoor air. Air is exchanged either via window ventilation or via a mechanical ventilation system, for example via ventilation ducts in the ceiling or floor. These systems are used in both new buildings and renovation projects. SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik manufactures all special shapes and dimensions of ventilation ducts at its Rottweil location.

The team around site manager Andy Stocker produces ventilation duct parts as well as moulded parts and normal ducts individually according to customer requirements. This means that regional customers can be supplied quickly and flexibly. In addition to several ventilation ducts for the industrial extension of the KIPP company in Sulz-Holzhausen in June/July 2018, an old people’s home in Steißlingen is currently being completely equipped with ventilation ducts from SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik on behalf of the traditional Schwenningen company Ing. A. Winkler GmbH & Co. KG.

The best way to integration

Trainee with migration background is an integral part of the team

Ahmad Ebrahimi, who has fled his home country Afghanistan, is about to complete his training, which he started at Stritt in Rottweil and will complete successfully at SÜLZLE KOPF Gebäudetechnik after the takeover. He is already an integral part of the Rottweiler team. After graduating as a plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology, he will take over as a fitter and will then be responsible, among other things, for the production and installation of ventilation ducts for industrial and private customers.